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ACEO – Art Cards Editions and Originals


I have been busy creating little works of art on paper, my doodles are now available in the shop as mounted originals or prints and I will be adding plenty more as the days roll by….  beads all start with a doodle and my first love was always pencils.  Hope you all like them.  Click on the shop link to have a better look with more details.


As always monitors do show different colour spectrums so I have included both a scanned image and a photographed image in the shop.  I love bright colour so the bright images are more akin to the ‘real’ piece.



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Getting into the holiday spirit!

Its September, already and one of my teenagers has gone back to school today…hooray!  I have been very busy with fairs this summer and been loving each and every one of them.  I have met fabulous people, sold lots of beads and had lots of giggles.  Fairs are hard work, both before, during and even after, when you come home, tired and still have to unload the car, but they are worth it.  I still have plenty of fairs left to do in the run up to Christmas…I know, terrible word in September!…and I have been making lots of holiday beads, I just can’t help it, I am feeling all Halloweeny and Christmassy already.  I have also been updating my Etsy shop and my new (improved) plan is to keep it updated and current, I am very bad at sitting down with a cup of tea and planning to do it in a minute..that minute never comes, but its no good prompting on line sales at fairs if you don’t put anything in the shop!  So just to re-cap, I do do custom orders, please just ask.  I love making my fun beads and am always open to suggestions on what to do next, please remember though I don’t copy designs, but I am willing to put your idea into glass.  I love experiments!  Just a few pics of what I have been putting into the Etsy shop click here 

Laney x

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Halloween in July

Well its been a while!  I have been quietly busy making new beads.  I went through the ‘bum’ stage and back onto the flowers, I always find that this makes the next period of either ‘bums’ or ‘flowers’ more detailed, it must be that old adage ‘a change is as good as a rest’.   I have been slowly listing some more items in my Etsy shop as well as doing the bead fairs.   I have a couple of weekends off from the fairs to catch up with stock and orders before the next one in Plymouth on August 7th.  So for now, a few pictures of what I have been upto and what has been listed in my shop.

The pumpkins are not in the Etsy shop yet, but will be, I took advantage of the sunshine today and got a photo!

And one final bit of good news, is that my beads are now available to buy through a lovely shop in Hereford, The Pedlars Tray and my jewellery is now available in The Qube Gallery in Oswestry.  See.  I told you I had been busy!

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Back on the bums!!

As well as making the glass flowers I have a bit of a passion for the fun and whimsy side of bead making..and life!  I am inspired by so many great whimsy glass bead artists, Maybeads, BeastieBeads, Blue Mountain Magic lampwork beads to name but three.  Of course if you are talking whimsy beads you can’t forget Sharon Peters whom must be the goddess of silly sculptural beads. 

 Of course, my girls inspire my chicken beads and my cats and dogs inspire my …well…cats and dogs beads!! 

Marmalade…and toast!

Claude and the glassy mog!

As well as chooks, cats and dogs I like to make what makes me smile and I refuse to throw away some of my favourite childrens books, the pictures in those bring characters to life.  Why don’t adult books (and I am not talking rude ones!) still have those little doodles at the beginning of chapters? 

Ellie the Elephant

Billy Button

Fish ear ring pair

A day at the seaside

 The fish ear ring pair of beads were inspired  from looking at old Venetian bead designs.

And just to round this blog off nicely, some more chooks, this time for big holes to fit the popular bracelets.  You can never have enough chooks!