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A doodle a day……

I love to doodle and some of them find new homes which makes me doodle more!!  All my beads start off with a doodle, some a little more than a scribble but it all helps towards creating a whimsical creature in both glass and on paper.

Some of my doodles are finding homes which has inspired me to make some of them a little better finished, still a doodle but a a doodle with design!

The three lovely Poodles below were a commission for a birthday gift, I did them all in glass too 😉

Although I did change the light brown one for a darker brown as he wasn’t quite right.  The finished pieces were well received by a lovely lady and those that gave her the gifts.

A couple of night time doodles that just make me smile….

And a few I have just listed in my Etsy shop.  Mounted ACEO’s, Art, Cards, Originals and Editions.

You can find them HERE at Izzybeads on Etsy