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August Component of the Month with Art Elements – The Reveal.

At the end of July Caroline of Art Elements posted up the design challenge component, a beautiful set of her lovely galaxy beads.. who wouldn’t want to design with these!


Of course I said yes!!

About the same time as the design challenge was set, all the Art Elements team – me included – decided to have a Christmas in July Secret Santa and my partner was Jenny – you can find her blog and website HERE

Amongst a collection of ‘the best’ Summer Christmas gifts I received some ceramic cabs and so when I saw the beads from Caroline I knew what I was going to do.  First photo shows my beautiful cab from Jenny and the divine beads from Caroline.

I decided to be inspired by the very talented members of the team and have a go with bead embroidery.  I love bead embroidery but I am not very good at it, all those fiddly beads, but it was a challenge so I dragged out my seed beads and blew the dust away and chose some colours and bits to go with my pieces.  I wanted a night sky feeling so went for deep blues and purples with a flash of gold.

I didn’t have a design in mind other than I wanted to combine the both elements and have some fun stitching beads.  So I did just that over a period of a few days, a few minutes here and a few minutes there….

My result was a very free form piece with dangles, a nod towards a Moon Goddess and the stars.

One of my favourite sayings is ‘you need a certain kind of darkness to be able to see the stars’.

I am going to attach this piece to one of my sketchbooks so that I see it often.

Hope you can join in the blog hop and see what others created with their beautiful beads and to see more of Carolines work take a look at her website HERE, you won’t be disappointed!

Here are the others that followed the challenge

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Leather Cab reveal for Art Elements

Today is the reveal day for Art Elements January Component of the Month, which this month of January was from Lindsay Starr of Phantasm Creations and of course one of the very talented admins in the Art Elements team.
When Lindsay first showed the cabs I was really keen to get started, something about them appealed to me on so many levels and her photos (and mine) really didn’t/don’t do them justice, in the hand they are remarkable little pieces of art, something you can imagine tucking into your pocket and carrying with you to just touch whilst you are walking the dogs, like when you were a child and carried that really special something with you all the time.  
When the parcel arrived it was filled with lots of little components which we could use if we wanted, the ribbon I have used in mine was included with the cab and it was if Lindsay knew what I wanted to do as it was just enough and perfectly compliments the dream catcher I wanted to create as soon as I saw that first photo of the cabs – when they were still in the USA, I was like a cat on hot bricks waiting for mine to arrive so I could get started!
I made this dream catcher and it now hangs in my bedroom with my other one.. and I think I need a collection I just love them, but you need the right ‘middle’ and as I keep saying this cab was it!
I drilled four tiny holes in mine and using some ecru crochet thread I weaved the ‘spiders web’ pattern which wasn’t as easy I first thought and I ended up re doing it several times until I was happy.  The web is over the ribbon which is over a layer of leather thong over a copper wire circle all of which I fabricated from what I had in the studio.
All dream catchers have feathers and I didn’t have any!  A friend of mine sent me some yellow feathers which I thought would compliment the colours but I struggled to tie them into the hoop and ended up getting frustrated so abandoned the ‘real’ feather idea.
I dug in my stash of amazing ceramic beads because I remembered that Karen and Lesley and Jenny – from the team – had sent me some beautiful ceramic beads since I have joined, that I was saving for the ‘right’ project and I had a ceramic feather and the acorn and the leaf, the tiny little bird and the swirly disk bead and they were perfect!  The feather I would have liked to be less pinky more wine coloured but I am willing to over look that small detail as the beads were just perfect for my dream catcher.

This is the first dream catcher I have made but I hope it isn’t the last and you can hang your treasures from it making is so special.
This is the list for the others that took part in this challenge with this wonderful piece