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Exploring Manga

After dismissing Manga/Anime style for many years and having a collection of ‘how to’ books on my bookcases, brought for my kids years ago, I have decided to give Manga a go.  I am not sure if Manga is Anime or if they are different styles they seem to share similar methods.


Eyes have always fascinated me and Manga eyes are no exception although the ‘purple girl’ eyes are more within the style than the blue haired girl.



Still, they are a little different from how I drew this eye years ago!

Cats Eye
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ACEO – Art Cards Editions and Originals


I have been busy creating little works of art on paper, my doodles are now available in the shop as mounted originals or prints and I will be adding plenty more as the days roll by….  beads all start with a doodle and my first love was always pencils.  Hope you all like them.  Click on the shop link to have a better look with more details.


As always monitors do show different colour spectrums so I have included both a scanned image and a photographed image in the shop.  I love bright colour so the bright images are more akin to the ‘real’ piece.



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January’s Spring Clean.

 Blowing the dust of my blog is just one of the areas I have been Spring cleaning in my life since we stepped into 2016. The kids are still refusing to leave home and now even talk about the high cost of rent and how they have an easier time at home with servants… that would be me then, chief washer upper, clothes picker upper, clothes washer, hoover pusher, but not shopper or cook as those skills still elude me.  One of my new ideas for this brand new year, is to learn to cook, last year (2015) I actually conquered the intricacies of cooking an omelette and to date I have cooked at least three, one of which my son actually said was good.  He was starving at the time, been at work for 12 hours and was chilled to the bone and just wanting food, but I will take my cooking compliments where I can get them.
Last week I got stuck into clearing the wardrobe, ten years of piling ‘stuff’ in a walk in triple doored cupboard of a wardrobe, in a modern house it would be called the small bedroom.  I love this space and have used it to store an air-con unit my husband insisted on getting back in 2008 (or so) which was probably only used that one summer and since been stored due to lack of summer heat.  On top of the air con unit is Aslan, a massive handmade (6ft with tail) lion that was made for me when I was a child and I refuse to throw away so Aslan has been carted from one side to the country to another and stuffed in a variety of wardrobes and under beds.
Charley at 17

Charley approx 1 year old.

With Aslan and other stuffed toys I can’t part with including my kids first teddies from when they were small, is shoes, camping equipment, a plastic skeleton for Halloween, the carved wooden elephant chair with the rattan seat my husband inherited from his Grandmother when she died, thought to be worth something but its one of those ‘pick one up from eBay for £50 on a good day pieces of furniture….  old canvas’ from my painting days amongst the discarded dog hairs that are embarrassingly large balls of hairy dust and the big box of photos and things that I have kept from the early 1990’s when my kids were born.  The first paintings, old school reports and lots of photos of my daughter (and son!) which show her off to be the ugly bug she was as a baby.  Charley, my daughter, was helping me sort through the wardrobe, she was instrumental in getting me to throw away most of my clothes that were outdated, threadbare, washed out and seriously tired.  She moaned at me a lot that day for not wearing the lovely collection of clothes she has brought for me over the last 12 months, her being the shopper of the family.  We laughed at her in the photos, covered in chocolate, sat in the washing basket, or my favourite of her in the garden trug looking miserable and fed up – she still hates being outdoors in the fresh air doing jobs around the garden and at 20 can honestly say she has never cut the grass!  That saying, ugly baby beautiful child, is right from an ugly bug she did turn out ok.

Some one cute and dribbly just laughed and laughed… and kept out of the way of any clearing out. 
 Gordy plays a huge part in my life as does Teeko, Izabel and Defi, both the latter having been in the wars this week, Iz has a black eye from a fight down at the river (which she didn’t start) and Defi managed to catch his nail on one of his front paws the following day and has been limping, when you stand near the treat box,  when he thinks he might get some sympathy.
Teeko has been snoozing on top of the fish tank letting the heat warm his old bones.
So this blog is going to about them and me, what we get up too, the trials and tribulations of living with an older cat, a cat with special needs, one dog with separation anxiety and the other that loves to roll in ….. stuff!
Until next time from Dust, Dribble and Dog hairs, long may the hoover suck! 

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Keyrings and prints

 Now available in keyrings too.
Get yours at Canine Cavern ….. I am really excited about this new venture and returning to my artist roots and my pencils.  Next year I will be adding many more to the collection and thanks to Carolyn at Canine Cavern I now have an outlet for my work.
You can also visit my Izzybeads Facebook page for more information and pictures. 
In the bin

Bottoms up
Please don’t disturb