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August Component of the Month with Art Elements – The Reveal.

At the end of July Caroline of Art Elements posted up the design challenge component, a beautiful set of her lovely galaxy beads.. who wouldn’t want to design with these!


Of course I said yes!!

About the same time as the design challenge was set, all the Art Elements team – me included – decided to have a Christmas in July Secret Santa and my partner was Jenny – you can find her blog and website HERE

Amongst a collection of ‘the best’ Summer Christmas gifts I received some ceramic cabs and so when I saw the beads from Caroline I knew what I was going to do.  First photo shows my beautiful cab from Jenny and the divine beads from Caroline.

I decided to be inspired by the very talented members of the team and have a go with bead embroidery.  I love bead embroidery but I am not very good at it, all those fiddly beads, but it was a challenge so I dragged out my seed beads and blew the dust away and chose some colours and bits to go with my pieces.  I wanted a night sky feeling so went for deep blues and purples with a flash of gold.

I didn’t have a design in mind other than I wanted to combine the both elements and have some fun stitching beads.  So I did just that over a period of a few days, a few minutes here and a few minutes there….

My result was a very free form piece with dangles, a nod towards a Moon Goddess and the stars.

One of my favourite sayings is ‘you need a certain kind of darkness to be able to see the stars’.

I am going to attach this piece to one of my sketchbooks so that I see it often.

Hope you can join in the blog hop and see what others created with their beautiful beads and to see more of Carolines work take a look at her website HERE, you won’t be disappointed!

Here are the others that followed the challenge

Art Elements Team

11 thoughts on “August Component of the Month with Art Elements – The Reveal.

  1. Fabulous embroidery and gorgeous colour choices! I’d love to see your finished sketchbook 🙂
    Thank you for joining me in the challenge!

  2. Oh yay!! Have you been bitten by the bead embroidery bug now? It’s gorgeous. The goddess was the perfect choice to pair with Caroline’s beads. I want to see the sketchbook now!

  3. This piece is fabulous! I love the combination of the goddess and the beads!

  4. Its so great Laney! I love tying in the stars and moon and goddess symbolism. I hope you’ll share once she’s attached to your notebook…or maybe the process for that? I have done it a few times now and can’t decide if I’m making it harder than it should be…

  5. What a beautiful piece, when I first saw it I thought that would look so cool on the front cover of a book & The colour you chose are just stunning!

  6. Oh lovely piece with all those gorgeous beads…. Yes photos of attachment would be good to see where she will live 😊😊😊

  7. Fabulous piece Laney!

  8. I always love to see what you made with your COM because I never know what to expect! This piece is wonderful and I love the idea that you combine it with your sketchbook to have it always around! 🙂

  9. I love what you created with these beads – you and I used the same colored seedbeads!!!!! And that cab is PERFECT! I hope you post a pic of it on your notebook – so cool!

  10. It’s beautiful Laney! I love how so many people were inspired to use other team members’ beads as well! Great job, I think you did beautifully for not liking all the fiddly beads!

  11. I am beside myself. Excited, honored! And proud of you for tackling those wee tiny things.- aren’t seed beads addictive ?! Oh she looks fabulous – thank you!

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